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              1. About Genhon and Genwell

                Dedicating in packaging manufacture and design

                Genhon Enterprise Company Limited was founded in 1964. We specialize in printing and packaging with manufacturing operations in Taiwan and in China. With over 50 years of expertise, we provide customers with a substantial array of products including premium folded box, premium rigid box, leaflet, booklet, label, cushion, tray insert and shipping carton.

                Since founded, we have served our customers in a variety of market segments. ?After year 2000, we focused on the following industries - consumer electronics, cosmetic products and household goods. In 2003, the Kunshan China operation was established to position ourselves closer to our clients and to better support our customers.

                To provide our customers with unparalleled service, we not only use the most state of art equipments but also bring in the standardized color management system. Moreover, we offer added value services by assisting complete product development. From structure design and artwork service to final production, every expert and professional in the company strives their best working hand in hand with our customers to bring the best product to the market.

                To grow with the rapid changing market, we transitioned ourselves from manufacturing packages to offering complete packaging solutions. We expanded more varieties of packaging materials and stronger manufacturing capability. We extended our services to kitting, retail packaging packout and B to Bus fulfillment. Our goal is to provide integrated packaging services to our clients with uncompromising quality, efficiency and on time delivery.

                Contact us

                Genhon Enterprise Co., Ltd.
                • service@genhon.com
                • +886-2-8201-7979
                • +886-2-8201-2121
                • No. 531, Xinshu Rd., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City 24262, Taiwan, R.O.C.
                Kunshan Genwell Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd.
                • service@genwell.com.cn
                • +86-512-5772-1111
                • +86-512-5772-3939
                • No. 178, Central Street, Kunshan Free Trade Zone, Jiangsu P.C.: 215300, China
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