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              1. Our strengths

                Beyond your expectation

                • Product development?
                • Integrated packaging solution provider
                • Utilizing added value innovation
                • Effective and efficient time to market advantage?

                Product development

                We work closely with clients during product development. This includes: structure design, providing die lines, defining substrates and adding various treatments to achieve desired aesthetic presentation. Our team strives to meet the customer's need with repect to the customer's original graphics design.

                We are detail oriented and always provide our customers with options for solutions. Our customers can count on us with confidence for their packaging needs.

                Integrated packaging solution provider

                Genhon and Genwell are not only a professional printing and packaging manufacturer but also a complete solution provider. We produce a variety of packaging including folding carton, premium rigid box, PET box, corrugated box, tray insert, label, booklet and kitting service.

                In addition, with the shop floor integrated system, we proudly extented our services to retail packout and B to B fuilment service.

                Utilizing added value innovation

                With over 50 years of expertise, our team is skillful in techinologies, reliable in consistant quality and contineously seeking improvement. We work tirelessly with clients by adding treatment and effect to optimize artwork desigin. Our goal is to produce added value packaging by elevating the beauty of the artwork with outstanding quality through innovation and technology.

                Effective and efficient time to market advantage

                During the product developement phase, not only do we focus on delivering the functioanlity of the product and the customer's requirements, but also take into account of the feasiblity of volume production in the manufacturing process. We are very confident in preforming fast time to market . From initial product development to the volume production and final delivery , we are fully aware of how packaging reliabilty is required, how pacakging aesthetic presentation performs , and how cruicial it is to achieve speed to market for sustaining competitive advangage.

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